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Walnut Blasting Direct Injection Valve Cleaning

If you have heard about “walnut blasting” and wondered what it was and why people are throwing walnut shells at their cars, here is the deal:

Direct injection engines found in more and more newer vehicles no longer spray fuel above the valves. They have high pressure injectors that spray fuel into the cylinders similar to a diesel engine.

Because the fuel injectors spray directly into the cylinders, no fuel goes over the valves. This means that oil and carbon build up on the valves and intake ports leading to reduced performance and fuel economy. We have seen some built up so much that the entire valve is enclosed in gunk and the intake openings are about 30% of their regular size.

As the build-up accumulates it can also cause errors and give you a check engine light that may be hard to track down the cause of.

Walnut blasting uses air pressure and walnut shell particles to clean the buildup without scratching or damaging the valves or port walls. This safely and effectively cleans the valves and ports in an environmentally friendly way.

Clean valves after walnut blasting

We offer the most competitive pricing on walnut cleaning in town starting at $300 and also offer financing for service.

If it has been over 50,000 miles since your last cleaning or you don’t know when or if they have been cleaned, schedule a service today.

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