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“Ayrton is awesome. Visit him and he will take care of your ride.” —Amal Soni Profile Picture
“This shop is fire 🔥” —Marshal Rosenburger
“Ayrton is an amazing dude. He’s very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about each car he comes across. It was a pleasure working with him every single time. Highly recommend this place to anyone who needs work done to their vehicle.” —Stephan Tran Profile Picture
“Ayrton and Annie were awesome during the whole process of purchasing my new car. They are willing to go above and beyond and the price and service was great. I will bring my vehicle back and definitely refer Argos to my family and friends. Thank you.” —Jose Santiago
“Broke down while on a trip from Sarasota to Charleston for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was Sunday afternoon and ended up being a water pump for my 335. No problem. Called the number looking to see if I had any options and had the pleasure of speaking with Aryton. While he couldn't fix anything on a Sunday he help me diagnose through a series of questions what the problem may be. He was sure enough that he pre ordered the parts so they're waiting at the shop 8AM Monday. We were on the road by noon. Can't thank you enough for salvaging our trip.” —Jeffrey Graan Profile Picture
“Best repair shop ever! Also the have unbeatable deals. Their prices are reasonable. Personally, as a female, most repair shops have the tendency of acting like we don't know anything and overcharge. Not here, they explain it detail to me while charging a good price!” —Sophia Orrantia Profile Picture
“Highly recommend, very knowledgeable and skilled shop/staff who go above and beyond to provide customer satisfaction and fix it right the first time. Fast turnaround, great pricing, what’s not to love? If you have a European/exotic car look no further this is your shop.” —Rob
“Best shop in Jacksonville! When other shops didn’t want to change the engine mounts on my 2009 Audi A4, Ayrton was the only one who was up for the job, and after that I’ve only taken my car here! The workers in this shop always care about the customer's needs and the car! Always gets the job done perfectly!” —Getslene Carlos Profile Picture
“I just stopped into Argos because my Audi Q7 was low on oil. We had been driving from NJ to Orlando. Argos happened to be very close to our hotel is Jacksonville so I figured I’d check it out. Justin greeted me and had the situation under control within minutes. I would definitely recommend using Argos. I would if I lived a bit closer!” —Brendan Ryan
“This review is long overdue!! Approximately 6 months ago, my parents came to visit from Atlanta. I borrowed their car for a quick errand that evening, and an error message came up and I was stuck on the side of the road around 9pm. I called for a tow truck, and then Ayrton went a step above and met me at his shop close to midnight!! He happily came, didn't take advantage of the situation, ordered the right part, had it shipped the very next morning, and fixed the car. My parents were able to go home that day (all in less than 24 hours)!! His knowledge about European cars is phenomenal. Thank you soooo much!!” —David Georgi Profile Picture
“My car was recently totaled in a hit-and-run, and I was dreading having to go through the process of getting a new one. Annie and Ayrton were so helpful and made the entire process a breeze! I got my dream car for a great price. I’m so grateful for Argos and their hospitality, generosity, and professionalism. Best shop in Jax, 10/10 recommend!” —Kimmie McKibben Profile Picture
“I had a great experience in buying a 2008 CLK 550 Mercedes at Argos. The car was exactly as described. The 3rd brake light went out several days after my "as-is" purchase but Argos didn't hesitate at all to replace the brake light at their cost. I would highly recommend buying a vehicle or having your vehicle repaired at this shop.” —Cauley Bullard Profile Picture
“A friend recommended Ayrton and his team at Argos. Ayrton took my vehicle in to fix a serious water leak on the driver's side. They fixed it within a day. Outstanding communication through the process and exceptional service from to end to end. I put Ayrton on speed-dial and you should too.” —Michael Tasker
“Honest and knowledgeable owner/technician. Fair and fantastic pricing. Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else.” —Kari Wood Profile Picture
“So where do I start... alright first off I have a C63 AMG and have had a issue with the car vibrating under acceleration. I live about a good hour and half south of the shop and decided I’d try out a few of the shops down by my hometown. Huge mistake... took the car to three different shops and replaced numerous parts from driveshafts to both rear axles and even changed out the differential and put in a lsd since two shops kept saying it was the diff. After the new wavetrac was installed and it still didn’t fix the vibration and I was close to $3500 in the hole between parts and labor on stuff that doesn’t fix it. I decided to bring the car all the way up to Argos. My friend was telling me to do that since the beginning and I just kept pushing it off which was a huge mistake also. So I dropped the car off at night after close and by the next morning on my way to work Argos had already found the issue and gave me a call and quote on how much to fix it! Honestly was a huge relief since he knew what the issue was almost immediately after driving it and three other reputable shops down south couldn’t figure out. Ended up being the torque converter causing all the vibration. Ordered the parts and a few other parts which got delivered on a Monday and by Wednesday Ayrton was calling me saying car is all done and fixed no more vibrations no issues all 100% good!! Was beyond excited to have my weekend warrior back and running 100% after a solid four months of a endless circle or throwing parts at the car. Truthfully grateful I made the drive up and will be doing the same drive if I ever have any issues from now on! He’s for sure won my business and I don’t know how to express how happy I am with how the car was handled with professionalism from the time I dropped the keys off till the time I picked them back up! Definitely recommend his work even if one has to drive a undesirable distance to get the job done and fixed correctly the first time! 10 out of 10 from me!” —Chris Reynolds
“Ayrton has always done outstanding work on our vehicles and this time he actually took us to catch our flight as well! He is one of the best guys I have ever met and a great mechanic.” —William Chenoweth
“I’m an old guy who’s had fast cars his whole life. I used to do all my own stuff until I had no more time. I found a shop that will always get my work. I have been through 3 sets of turbo kits and 2 installations on my BMW. This last install was completely custom with fab work and some complex arrangements for fitment. For the first time I have what was a finicky car running flawlessly with no lights, no leaks, no issues, no nothing right after installation. Ayrton is the real thing. He’s honest and super conscientious. He knows what’s right and that’s all you can expect from him. We also use him to diagnose and repair our dealer vehicles due to his quick work and great prices. He's the only Ferrari and Lambo experienced mechanic I know. I say that to say he really can fix everything. We’re blessed to have him around.” —Mario Bosque Sr. Profile Picture
“Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff! He took my car in while being slammed and let me know the issue within 24hrs, will definitely be back in the future!” —Emmanuel Gonzalez
“10/10 review for me great work” —Grant Morrell Profile Picture
“Argo’s revived my beloved Mercedes. I didn’t drive my W123 for the last 4 years because I was told by a reputable shop that it had a bad motor; They even did a compression check to verify. I left the car with Argos and found out the same day that the whole time, all it needed was a proper valve adjustment. I have my car back and it’s running better than ever! I am very thankful to have found Argos and that I didn’t give up on my car.” —Lina Bosque Profile Picture
“Best in Jax” —Ricardo Orrantia
“A highly professional owner with vast experience dealing with uber-performance Euro vehicles (AMG/ Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, etc.). Ayrton comes HIGHLY recommended from a guy who knows–me. If you're in Jacksonville and need a shop that actually cares, you're wasting your time going anywhere else. Definitely 5 Stars !!!!” —Dave Tidwell Profile Picture
“More than knowledgeable and very Professional, Ayrton is definitely THE go to guy to get your European car running as it should.” —Tim Straub-Lubin Profile Picture
“One of the most knowledgeable techs in Florida!!!” —Garrett Looman Profile Picture
“Good fabrications and custom work for your 90s autobahn rider” —Ali Elbrus Profile Picture
“Aryton is an experienced and honest mechanic!” —Eric Lyons Profile Picture
“Ayrton has worked on my VW Eos several times. Great service and attention to detail. Strongly recommend this place!” —Steven Cordero Profile Picture
“Very knowledgeable especially when it comes to Mercedes. Honest and highly experienced. This is your guy!!” —Joseph Nowak Profile Picture
“A very knowledgeable and capable mechanic! Always knows how to fix my Mercedes!” —Ian Olive Profile Picture
“Don’t know Ayrton at all but he has been very prompt at answering any questions I had. Took time and spent about 30 mins on the phone giving me tips, pointers and advice on this BMW brand. Very helpful and looking forward to business.” —James Brown Profile Picture
“Excellent service! I brought my vehicle by for a last minute emergency repair. They quickly took the vehicle in and had me back on the road in 30 minutes. Definitely would recommend to anyone!” —Joshua Atlas DeVirgilio Profile Picture
“Ayrton is extremely knowledgeable in not just European cars but Domestic as well. He has taken car of multiple of my vehicles and knows all the secrets to getting the job done quickly and professionally.” —Paul Williams Profile Picture
“Very skilled and knowledgeable, quick turnaround. Highly recommend!” —Stratton Merkle
“Ayrton is a stand up guy and extremely knowledgeable automotive technician, I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. amazing affordable service in a timely manner.” —Chris Taylor
“I am very lucky to have found this place...Aryton and the guys at ARGOS take great care of my car. They are extremely detail oriented and knowledgeable. If you have a German car in Jax, bring it here.” —Seth Pierce